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The CashGuard Store Manager software is designed for usability, insight, scalability and security. Store Manager is the key for your cash management process and gives you a smarter cash handling with full control over your cash. The software connects your cash management equipment and gives you the interface to monitor and control your cash.

Increased Usability

A great deal of focus is placed on usability and productivity in the latest edition of Store Manager. The system is role-based and uses access control to manage permissions. Store managers, operation managers, check-out managers and other employees access Store Manager with a web browser.  There they get an immediate overview of which cash points are open, how much cash there is in each cash point, daily cash flow data, and cash levels for each individual cash point.

Business Intelligence

With Store Manager, retail stores can handle many checkouts simultaneously. This will give a cash manager or store manager a complete picture of the operation’s cash flow situation and the opportunity to actively control the cash flow according to specific needs.

Mobile interface

Store Manager is available from your mobile or tablet. This enables you to interact with your store’s cash points in a real-time mobile environment and improve your business as it happens. Store Manager Mobile ensures that vital information about cash levels and cash points becomes available to you when and where it is needed the most – in your store and amongst your customers.

Licence options

Store Manager is available in three different editions to accommodate various sizes of operations and business focuses.

CashGuard Store Manger Licence Options

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