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Presidio - sealed cash handling

Seal the cash from the point of sale to the CIT pickup. Together with one of our front office solutions Premium or Monero, presidio takes away all the manual cash handling in your store. The cash is not visible after handed to the cashier. You get full control and thanks to ink-dye technology and Robur´s high quality safe you know your cash is secure.

Presidio, the Spanish word for a fortified enclosure, represents the strength, security, durability and self-reliance that we believe this CashGuard closed cash system offers. Presidio is easy to use, flexible and designed to meet the needs of the retail industry.

It integrates with CIT companies so they can offer solutions for same-day banking and automatic collection of CIT bags. The software can be adapted to support the data exchange interface of the CIT company or bank. Customised print and bar codes on the CIT bags are offered as option for CIT services that need a full integration into their processes.


The Note Deposit keeps your banknotes safe in the back office. It is an inteligent safe that counts the money, tracks the deposits and stores the notes in self-sealing bags. It is tamper proof and has a high note capacity.

Certified in accordance with EN1143-1 ATM Grade III ATM, Note Deposit is the only product on the market with the highest applicable security rating in Europe. Advanced sensor technology and self-sealing CIT bags make it impossible to manipulate or gain access to the banknotes without leaving visible and permanent traces.

A receipt is printed for every deposit. The receipt features a complete record of user information, the sum of the deposit, what denominations, and how much of each, were deposited, as well as the total amount in the CIT bag. The interface of the back office software allows the user to access data and functions in a safe way, giving total control of the CIT bags and the store’s cash flow. Note Deposit gives the retailer control of the physical cash flow while eliminating shrinkage and creating a cost-efficient closed cash handling solution.

Note Mover

The Note Mover ensures that cash is never exposed during the collection and deposit process. It is easy to use and tamper-proof, all in a solid design that can handle the tough demands of the retail industry.

Note Mover enables sealed collection, refills and transfer of cash between cash points and the back office. Simple step-by-step handling makes Note Mover easy to use.

The cash is protected in the tamper-proof collector and is never exposed. The sturdy construction makes it virtually impossible to break into. This minimises the risk of robbery and pilfering and increases security for both employees and customers. Note Mover is also equipped with ink dyeing technology that is triggered when the device is opened in an unauthorised way.

All actions are traceable by user to prevent pilfering and increase cash management control. The log entries in CashGuard’s Store Manager software and can be sorted by user, CashGuard system or Note Mover.

Presidio - sealed cash handling

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