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Become Premium competitive

The CashGuard Premium solution is the leading cash management solution in the retail industry. It is the first choice of retailers world-wide and in a variety of retail segments, including supermarkets, hospitality, pharmacies, bakeries and petrol stations.

Replacing manual cash handling with Premium cash management will help retailers improve their business in several ways. They include improved productivity, better focus on the core business, better management control, eliminated cash losses, better security and a better work environment, among other things.

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Coin Recycler

The Premium Coin Recycler takes care of the coins so the cashier can focus on the important thing: helping your customers. It is tamper-proof, compact and built to achieve problem-free up-time and 24/7-operations. It automatically counts and tracks the coins and transfers the information to the back office software. An electronic lock, that tracks and records any opening, protects the cash. The Premium Coin Recycler creates a safe and accurate coin management experience form customers, staff and management.

Note Recycler

The banknotes in your checkout need to be stored securely. They also have to be easily accessed. The Premium Note Recycler ensures secure storage, correct change to customers and optimised levels for all denominations. It is also tamper-proof and can only be opened by authorised staff.

Note Collector

Every time your banknotes are exposed it is a security risk. With the Premium Note Collector you can move your banknotes from the Note Recycler at the point of sale to the back office without exposing them. The lightweight design makes it easy to use without compromising the security. With an electronic interface, it allows them tracking of banknotes and the logging of user access.

Become Premium competitive

Become Premium competitive
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