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Monero is our latest front office retail cash management solution. It offers new possibilities for retailers to further enhance their business processes and create an exceptional shopping experience for their customers. Enhanced reporting functions result in a better audit trail and better control over cash flow and system activities. This gives you the tools to optimise your cash management even further.

Monero has a distinct design with interactive lights that guide the customer and the store staff. The system features a new display and updated interaction features with the cashier and the customer. Better interaction means faster customer throughput and queue kills.

  • New identification technology with better traceability and control.
  • Easier integration in more IT-environments.
  • New replenishment procedure lets you replenish without closing down the register.
  • Flexible solution enables us to continuously add more features.

Monero Coin Recycler

The Coin Recycler is the part of the cash management solution that the customer sees and interacts with. We have therefore made sure it has a stylish design and is easy to interact with. The interactive lights and colour display tell the customer when to do what. The coin slide enables the customer to insert all coins at once; Monero will count and register the coins quickly.


The Note Recycler tracks and stores the banknotes until you need them the next time. It automatically counts the banknotes and sends the information to the Store Manager software giving you full control of you cash. The Note Recycler also makes the work faster and easier for the cashier with integrated note alignment and guiding lights showing the current levels of banknotes.

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