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Retail Cash Management for supermarkets

It does not matter if you have one store or 100 – a CashGuard solution increases your productivity and enhances your customer service. With a CashGuard Retail Cash Management solution in place, correct change is always automatically given, thus creating a smooth and fast check-out procedure. Keeping cash away from employees ensures a much safer workplace.

There are 25 000 retail cash management systems installed in supermarkets all over the world, which equals an impressive market share of 65%.

Everyday CashGuard systems help supermarkets to lower their cost of cash handling and manage notes and coins in the most safe and efficient way whilst minimising the risk of robbery and theft.

Retail Cash Management Solutions for supermarkets will:

  • Allow instant opening and closing of checkouts to cope with varying customer demand.
  • Lower internal cash handling costs, which eliminates time-consuming start-of-day
  • Eliminate cashier errors from first day of installation
  • Improve recycling of notes and coins = lower CIT costs
  • Reduce time spent on preparation and manual end-of-day counting
  • Minimise time spent moving cash within the store and preparing floats
  • Facilitate more flexible checkout management – staff rotation – less sickness
  • Decrease risk of line congestion
  • Lower cash handling costs
  • Improve cash management
  • Automate cash accounting
  • Improve working environment by eliminating access to cash

How SPAR saves money with CashGuard

Retail Cash Management for supermarkets
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