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We offer a complete retail cash management solution for your pharmacy, be it a single store or part of a multi outlet chain. Of every 100 installed cash management systems in European pharmacies, about 90 are CashGuard’s solutions.

Deregulation pressures have transformed a sector that was mostly government run into an industry characterised by fierce competition and heavy investments in technology and customer service. Therefore it has become even more important for pharmacists to focus on guiding the customer and giving advice on medicine and health.

Our pharmacy cash management solutions are designed for modern pharmacies that want to offer their customers an exceptional shopping experience, while streamlining business operations at the same time. With a CashGuard solution in place, you can manage your cash handling processes without even having to be in the store.

CashGuard retail cash management solutions for pharmacies will:

  • Improve cashier/customer interaction. Pharmacy staff can offer a more personal service, since they can focus on the customer instead of on counting cash
  • Ensure that customers always receive correct change
  • Achieve high level of reliability: Since cash handling is automated and sealed, the money will always be counted, tracked and accounted correctly
  • Eliminate shrinkage from first day of installation
  • Streamline recycling of notes and coins, which lowers CIT costs
  • Ensure that check-out cashiers have no access to cash
  • Lower cash handling costs
  • Improve cash management
  • Automate cash handling: This saves both time and money
Focus on medicine
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