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Boost customer loyalty

CashGuard cash management solutions increases staff productivity by streamlining operations. This enables you to offer your customers top class customer service with existing resources. CashGuard’s retail cash handling solutions service the hospitality industry around the world, from the smallest family run restaurant to large local, regional and national chains.

The hospitality industry has thrived in an age of increased mobility and travel. However, the industry still finds itself under pressure from a highly competitive environment, customer loyalty on the decline and increased operational costs due to the high number of cash payments.

Our solutions for the hospitality industry improve the customer experience and minimise operational costs while also creating a safer workplace.

Let CashGuard take care of your cash management while you serve your guests and customers.

CashGuard retail cash handling solutions for the hospitality industry will:

  • Allow instant opening and closing of checkouts to meet varying customer demand (= shorter queues = happier customers)
  • Eliminate shrinkage from first day of installation
  • Increase level of hygiene – especially important in the hospitality business
  • Achieve total control of all cash in your store at any time
  • Eliminate cashier errors from first day of installation
  • Fast and proven ROI
  • Achieve flexible checkout management – staff rotation – less sickness
  • Decrease risk of line congestion
  • Enhance customer service
  • Increase the level of reliability
  • Integrate easily
Boost customer loyalty
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