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A CashGuard solution supports your cash refueling so that you can focus on your customers’ carbon-based refueling. Our retail cash handling solutions solve the cash management related challenges for petrol stations of any size and location.

Modern petrol stations offer a wide variety of services. You can fill up your tank, load up on coffee and rent the latest movie for your family.  As a result, cash payments vary from a few coins to considerable sums for filling up a large car or truck. The location of petrol stations also presents increased needs for security and robbery prevention.

CashGuard solution for petrol stations enables station owners to give customers great service by decreasing checkout time. Our solutions will also help you to lower your cash handling costs and ensure your employees are protected from robbery by keeping the cash inaccessible at all times, which in turn creates the opportunity to increase opening hours and therefore the chance to raise sales.

Our Retail Cash management solutions for petrol stations will:

  • Minimise risk of robbery – lower insurance premiums
  • Decrease time spent training staff on cash handling procedures               
  • Integrate into your current infrastructure easily
  • Ensure check-out cashiers have no access to cash, making shift changes fast and easy
  • Produce fast and proven ROI
  • Safeguard your money
  • Achieve a high level of reliability
Enhance security
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