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NorgesGruppen has been a CashGuard customer since 2000 and there are more than 5 000 systems installed in 1 200 of their 1 700 outlets. 

Kurt Thomassen is the Head of Security for Meny, one of NorgesGruppen’s retail brands states that:

"Efficient cash management lets you focus on your

core business and it increases your sales."

 He lists some additional benefits:

  • Fewer lay-offs due to internal theft
  • No robberies since 2006
  • Staff can start work immediately, without having to count any cash first
  • Improved efficiency, time saving
  • More flexible use of the staff
  • Improved work environment
  • Reduced staff 

Thomassen is also happy about the low support demand and the long life span of the CashGuard system and can see return on investment in only 18 months.

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