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Monoprix is one of France’s largest retail stores with over 800 000 daily customers. The stores combine food retailing with hardware, clothing, household items and gifts. Monoprix has several CashGuard solutions in many of their stores and since they are happy with the performance a larger roll-out will follow.

Before CashGuard all cash counting operations were done manually at Monoprix. They spent a lot of non-productive time in the morning and the evening, counting money and clearing the checkouts. Te staff regularly found errors.

The reason why they decided to buy the CashGuard Premium solution was that they wanted 100% control of the cash. They also searched a solution that would save time for the cashiers and the managers. They also wanted to minimise the risk of robberies.

With CashGuard they find that they no longer have to spend time on checking the cashiers. The rotation of the teams is also easier and the teams feel safe.


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