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Once you have CashGuard there is no return

With long experience and Jesuman has grown in to the largest retailer in Tenerife. In over 60 super markets they serve more than 5.0000 customers and employ over 1.500 persons.

Jesuman is all about the customers and with CashGaurd the cashiers can give them the focus they deserve. With CashGuard also the customer trust increases as they can be sure to always get the correct change back.

By stopping their manual cash handling and starting to manage their cash they save a lot of time and money. “By making our cash process more effective the CashGuard solution has paid for itself very quickly, the return on investment is guaranteed,” says José Ignacio Hernandez CEO at Jesuman

CashGuard is now a part of Jesuman’s strategy, with cash management there is no return. “The cashiers and store managers in our stores ““demand”” to work with CashGuard,” says José Ignacio Hernandez.

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