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"CashGuard is a part of the everyday life"

With 2,300 grocery stores in five geographical markets, ICA-Gruppen is one of the leading retail companies in the Nordic region. The core business is grocery retail and in many of their stores also postal services are offered.

 At the ICA supermarket in Sollentuna Centre, CashGuard is a part of everyday life and has been so for many years. When we asked Hanna Elnerud, sales manager for POS & Store-in-store, how CashGuard influence their business, it’s hard for her to answer. It’s like it has always been there and now it’s such a natural tool for every work day.

Already in 2001, they installed their first systems, which back then was the CashGuard Classic.When they remodeled the store in 2009, they installed CashGuard Premium. With new counters at the point of sale, they had the opportunity to move the note recycler from the side to the front. This ergonomic improvement has been appreciated by the cashiers.

Something Hanna Elnerud points out is the great service they have received from CashGuard's Swedish partner, PSI Antonsson. Most support cases are solved directly over the phone and orders are normally delivered the next day.

When we wonder about their experience at the end of last year, when two older Swedish banknotes was taken out of circulation, Hanna said it went very well. They are more worried about the big change of all notes and coins, coming in a few years. We were happy to inform them that the CashGuard systems are compatible with the new coins and banknotes. 

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