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Felta is a German petrol station chain. Many of them are open 24 hours, 365 days a year which puts high demands on the operation and requires high security.   

Felta chose CashGuard´s cash management solution because it delivers the fastest checkout experience in the market and it provides the right level of security for Felta. 

Over time, Felta has found several other benefits with cash management from CashGuard:

  • No more shrinkage.
  • The reconciliation in the evening takes almost no time at all.
  • The handling of coins is much simpler. The CashGaurd system optimises the levels to use fewer coins.
  • Since the staff no longer has to handle the cash they have more time for other activities and can offer our customers better service.
  • The risk of robbery is minimised.

Felta is so pleased with CashGuard and the results it has delivered that further outlets will be equipped with CashGuard in the future.  

“Since our staff no longer has to count the cash at shift change we save 1, 5-2 hours each day,” says petrol station owner Mr. Feldhaus.

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